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희망이란 본래 있다고도 할 수 없고, 없다고도 할 수 없다.
그것은 땅 위의 길과 같다. 본래 땅 위에는 길이 없었다.
걸어가는 사람이 많아지면 그것이 곧 길이 되는 것이다. - 중국작가 : 루쉰

LIFE is a ROAD !!

“There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
- Albert Einstein.

I love my life. Then I hate my life.
I see the limitless potentials. Then I see not beyond the tip of my nose.
I laugh till my ribs hurt. Then I grieve till my heart weeps.
I glow in the adoration of friends. Then I cringe at the familiarity it exposes.
I run to be free Then I stop! – in search of captivity.
I seek for camaraderie. Then I despair because it is incommodious.

I get frenzied by the dawn of a new day. Then I become frozen by the failure it conveys.
I get excited by the blessing of great health. Then I get terrified by the recklessness of great wealth.
I get uplifted by the propriety of man. Then I get confounded by the evil my heart is capable of.
I love to love.

Then I hate the love. Why is my life such a bundle of contradictions?
Why is my life such a love-hate absurdity?
I guess my life Just like your life Or his life Or her life is a roller-coaster ride of emotions.
Full of ups and downs Stratospheric highs and cataclysmic lows
And the periods of mild lunacy in between. But this is what I’ve learned:
To treat every one I meet in this life Like they would be the source of my endless happiness.
To enjoy greatly the high and to limit the despondency of the lows.

To live today like this is all I’ve been pledged.
To see tomorrow as that which would never come.
For only then would I truly treasure the here and the now.
And use my today as the pathway to my hereafter.
To live this one life with reckless abandon.
And to accept that regret does not make the best nostalgia.

I love you, but you had to go. I am at peace. I love my life.