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[COUNTRY]Zac Brown Band - Midnight Rider with Gre…
내용 : Zac Brown Band - Midnight Rider with Gregg Allman
Dec 24, 2014 4211
[COUNTRY]Josh Turner ★ Long Black Train
내용 : Intro - G - (Capo 3rd fret) GThere's a long black train, comin down the line,Em GFeeding off the souls that are lost and cryin'GRails of sin only evil remains,D GWatch out brother for that …
May 8, 2012 7963
[COUNTRY]Trent Willmon ▒ Bear Man
내용 : Spent the night with Jim Beam and Johnny Walker Red, Woke up with a freight train runnin' through my head, Ohh I'm a beer man... Bobby's more the wine kind, Donny does his shots; Sammy …
Apr 30, 2012 7108
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