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[TRADITIONAL] "Aloha 'Oe" (Farewell to Thee) Ukulele Play-Along!
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"Aloha 'Oe" (Farewell to Thee) Ukulele Play-Along!


Goombay Dance Band - Aloha Oe (Until We Meet Again)


I have to leave my heart
And go away
To a land across the farest sea

But my thoughts
Will always be by you
If I should never come
Don't cry in vain


Aloha-oe - Aloha-oe
Be back again some day
And then I'll stay
Your warm embrace
Will leave a trace
Until we meet again


Through seven seas and hills
I'm outward bound
But one thing I know
My heart is found
When the wind blows
Tahiti girl,beware
It could be that I'm homeward bound


Aloha-oe - Aloha-oe,...


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